Список армянских певиц

Armenian singer Hayko Cepkin climbs to fame in Turkey Author: Piero Castellano Posted April 6, 2015 The Turkish Armenian community is in the spotlight because of the approaching anniversary of the that Turkey. Melih Gokcek, the controversial mayor of Ankara, made headlines when after he jokingly called Gokcek ". If this was список армянских певиц case, I take no offense. Cepkin is an accomplished artist, incredibly popular in Turkey but also in Germany, Britain, список армянских певиц Netherlands and even in Japan. Before a recent concert in Ankara, Al-Monitor interviewed him. The full text of the interview follows: Al-Monitor: Your music is considered unique in список армянских певиц Turkish music scene. The influence of Turkish folk music is easily recognizable. Where does your style originate from? Cepkin: I studied classical and church music for nine years, then Turkish список армянских певиц and finally classical piano. When they all mixed, this was the result. How do you manage to avoid that? I grew up in Istanbul, in the 1980s. What are you doing? Who do you believe in? Who do you support? You create chaos, you create a good reason for that chaos. People get so tense that you can do whatever you want. And then you do your politics. It is basic math, it is not something incomprehensible. Al-Monitor: Many of your songs are about список армянских певиц, but they are not love songs. You sing about the frustration of being in love. Cepkin: I want to say something about emotions, spirituality — the spiritual world versus the material world. In my last album, I made fun of love songs. They are all part of human nature, jealousy, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, one-night stands. They are all part of this список армянских певиц called love. Al-Monitor: Turkey has experienced a fast economic growth, but social unrest has also grown. Why do you think love stories so often end tragically in Turkey? Cepkin: Turkey has become like little America. Homes are not built for love. We think of a loan to buy a house, furniture. Has your love for the location of your home also become a disorder? When I come home, I want my home to be quiet. But when I move to Selcuk I will finally be able to host my friends from Список армянских певиц. We cannot meet in our city, because it takes список армянских певиц only to cross the bridge! Carsi is a source of pride for Turkey. Список армянских певиц Carsi is more than a football supporters club, but some members are on trial for their part in theaccused of plotting a coup. What do you think will change for Carsi and for Besiktas supporters? Cepkin: They gave the список армянских певиц possible answer. When they learned they were to be released, they asked the judge to finish the hearing on time so they could go to the match with Liverpool. Some of the Carsi group is on trial, but there are many others. Carsi is an idea that unites. Whatever will be done to Carsi, it will make them loved more. Cepkin: Nowadays love, like other things, is consumed very fast. If you are able to describe this, how it feels wrong, the search for another way, then you have something to say in a song. My songs are a direct expression of what I am. I need human touch, I need to be in contact with people. I think the key of my success is that I'm one of th ese people, those I talk of in my songs. You have to be there. And it goes on. I haven't finished saying things yet. He specializes in street photography, new media activism, civil rights and stories on wider political, social, or economic backgrounds. Al-Monitor brings together top journalists from across the Middle East. Including Egypt, Список армянских певиц, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. Plus, we have daily translations from 20 major news organizations in the region.



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